Information We Need From You

The following information is what we require to complete the design work for the memorial we are creating. As soon as we acquire this information we will begin to prepare a template for approval by the Rabbi and your family.

  • The name of the Cemetery (Old or New)
  • Full English name of the deceased.
  • Date of birth and death.
  • Hebrew name of the deceased and the deceased’s father.
  • Approximate time of death. (helps to determine the Hebrew date)
  • If the father was a Kohayn or Levi.
  • The synagogue of which the deceased was a member
  • Unveiling Date. (If Scheduled)
  • Any desired symbolism. Star or Minorah

The Hebrew name, if not known by an immediate family member might be known to a more distant relative or might be found on a family document, such as the Ketubah (marriage document) or a baby-naming certificate. If you need assistance in locating the name, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Example of typical inscription on a stone.  Family name followed by inscription and dedication in both English and Hebrew.