It is most likely that Jewish Memorial Gardens will know of cemetery issues before you.  Cemetery vandals are amongst the worst of criminals, always acting in the cloak of darkness to conceal the despair of their acts.

A few things  to know about cemetery vandalism:

  • Vandalism is the act of desperate individuals whose sole motive is hatred.
  • In the Old and New cemetery vandalism is almost always accompanied by the spray painting of stones.
  • Vandalism doesn’t just affect the Jewish cemeteries although it is most definitely more prevalent.
  • It is done quickly and as such is mostly centralized in a specific section of the cemetery.

If you have a monument which was affected:

  • As disturbing as it is -DON’T PANIC – the situation will be rectified.
  • Contact Jewish Memorial Gardens if they have not already notified the family of the incident.

In most cases we will reset a toppled stone at no charge to you or the Cemetery as soon as possible after the incident.