Planning the Unveiling

Here are a few simple steps for planning the unveiling.

  1. Given the weather in Ottawa, all unveilings generally occur between late spring and late fall although we have installed monuments as late as early December.
  2. Remember that almost all unveilings are conducted on a Sunday.
  3. Once you have contacted us we will be able to consult with you on an appropriate range of time when the monument could be completed.
  4. Once you have chosen the stone we will immediately order your foundation from Jewish Memorial Gardens.
  5. Discuss possible dates with your family members and those who will be attending to confirm availability.
  6. Consult the calendar to make sure that there are no significant Holidays on the dates in question. Check calendar here
  7. Be open to having a few dates in mind initially.
  8. This is a good time to reach out to your Synagogue and Rabbi or Cantor to discuss availability should you choose to have them officiate at the ceremony.
  9. We will begin working with you and your Synagogue on the wording and design of the stone. See the process here
  10. Only once fully approved by you will we commence work.